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Finca las Nieves is in the Sierra Madre South Mountains of Oaxaca, two hours away from the world class surfing destination of Puerto Escondido. The region was once renowned for coffee, as indicated by the fact that Puerto Escondido was originally founded as a port town in order to ship coffee from the surrounding mountains, but through the 20th century a decline in global coffee prices and the remoteness of the region led many of the large farms to be broken up or neglected.

Finca Las Nieves was founded in 1880 but had been largely abandoned for decades when we established the cooperative in 2006.

Over the past eighteen years, it has slowly transformed using organic farming techniques and equitable employment practices. We have planted various varieties of coffee plants such as Gesha, Typica , Bourbon , Pacamara, Garnica , SL 28 , Laurina, Tabi; while working beneath and maintaining the existing old growth cloud forest. We strive to maintain soil health, practice carbon sequestration and protect bio-diversity via regenerative management (using crop diveresification, various composting methods, biofertilizers all elaborated in situ). Our focus has been on the regeneration of a historic coffee region while simultaneously exploring ancestral and ground breaking organic agro-forestry cultivation and farming techniques that accelerate biological processes and at the same time protects the water and unique flora and fauna of one of the most bio-diverse areas of the planet.

Finca Las Nieves is an off-grid farm, with all of our energy coming from solar, hydro electric power and bio-diesel. The farm is blessed with various pure sources of mountain spring water, we share this water with our neighbors and take our role as custodians of water, an increasingly precious resource, very seriously.

We are a cooperative who believe strongly in creating decent jobs at competitive wages, and work hard to ensure all members of the cooperative are valued and respected, as well as benefit from our mutual success through profit sharing.
We firmly believe in listening and sharing knowledge, experience and best practices with our neighbors, and know that in a historically poor region where many families and individuals have small cafetales, helping raise mutual consciousness about best farming practices and increasing coffee quality is in everyones best interest.

The coffee farm is shaded by trees such as Coralillo, jinicuil, macahuite, macuil, oak, inga, jinicuil de castillo, macadamia, and avocado; the reason to star at coffee, for environmental reasons; Soil conservation activity:successional agroforestry systems; we have Micro batch experience, we carry out periodic grain and sensory evaluation; we do a selective harvesting Specialty Activities, we do fermentation control, gentle Drying Specialty Activities, Controlled climate as Storage Specialty Activities; Sun drying in Raised beds and the Harvest months are February, March. There is a saying that “humanity runs on coffee” but in our case, we prefer that our coffee runs on humanity.

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  • Overall
    Declined, Elegant, Interesting, Jasmine, Mild floral, Wonderful coffee
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Jasmine, Floral, Honey, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Tropical Fruit, Caramel, Chamomile, Chocolate, Minty, Apple juice.
  • Acidity
    Citric Acid, Citrus Fruit, Malic Acid, Bergamot, Bitter citrus, Coffee Blossom, Fresh, Lactic acid, Mild, Refined, Tartaric