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Manlius coffee shop gains national recognition for its specialty coffee

SkyTop Coffee in Manlius has been awarded a 2022 U.S. Good Food Award for one of its specialty brews, the Colombian Finca Santa Maria.

It's the only winner in the coffee category in all of New York State, according to Serena Lerner of SkyTop Coffee.

"We roast our coffee to actually be sweet and natural sweetness is imparted within the coffees. We tend to choose a lot of natural-process coffees, as opposed to wash process, along with organics but when it comes down to the roasting process, we are a very medium-to-light roaster and it really imparts that special sweetness that people really find within our coffee," Lerner said, "It has a wonderful mouth feel, a nice body, and kind of interesting complexity that you may not find in other coffees."

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