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SkyTop Coffee Company is your Specialty Coffee Roaster located in Upstate NY. We source USDA Organic, ethically Fair Traded, single origin coffees with fully traceable supply lines. We work with our green coffee importers to identify coffees that are aligned not only with our flavor profiles, but also our values. We are proud of our work with such groups as Coffeelands Foundation, and their Penny a Pound program. As a company we choose to pay an extra monetary amount per pound of coffee purchased above the market price. This small gesture can have a profound impact on the lives of coffee growers and their communities, and frankly, it’s the right thing to do!
We believe that being an environmentally conscious coffee company means doing the right thing for you, our customers, and our planet. Here at SkyTop we strive to minimize our packaging, and limit our stress on the environment. Our coffee is packaged in a compostable kraft bag with a PLA (Polylactic Acid) liner. PLA is a clear, crisp film made from the sugars in corn starch. This product works well for items with a higher oil content, as the PLA liner will help keep our product from wicking through the outer paper. PLA bags biodegrade in less than a month in a proper composter. We recommend removing the label and tin-tie prior to composting. At the Farmer's markets and vendor events we use 100% recyclable hot cups, No Tree Compostable sample cups, and 100% bio-degradeable cold cups also made from PLA corn resin.
Our coffees can be found at select retail partners as well as online. We attend several Farmer's markets and vendor events throughout the year and update our website regularly with that information. At SkyTop we believe in giving back to the local community, and regularly give coffee donations to In My Father's Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides outreach services to homeless individuals in Syracuse, NY.
Serena Lerner
Co-Owner, 315-466-6822
Retail partner
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